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Product designer, manager, and junior at Cornell University studying Information Science and Business. Passionate about tackling wicked problems. More about me.

Design @ CornellHack4Impact
Product @ CornellDTI

Prisoner Express

Case Study
Re-designing Art & Writing Archives.
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Case Study
Making Robinhood Social again.
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FIFA Database Analysis

Data Science
Are FIFA ratings accurate?
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Product Management
Building a student housing review platform. Coming Soon.
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More About Me 🤹

Xin chào, I'm a third year studying Information Science and Economics at Cornell University from Sài Gòn, Vietnam and based in Seattle, WA.

I constantly strive to learn new skills so that I can take a multifaceted approach to complex problems. Over the past year, I've fallen in love with product design. I admire how great designers place users first, and I aspire to do the same in my own designs.

On campus, I'm a product manager helping build CUAPTS, a student housing review website, as part of the Cornell Design & Tech Initiative. I'm also a product designer prototyping for social impact as part of Hack4Impact Cornell and am the VP of Finance of the Cornell International Students Union, managing over $85k in funds.

In my free time, you can find me watching and playing sports, binging cooking videos on youtube, and building PCs.

You can contact me for any opportunities at htl28@cornell.edu
View my resume here.